Build Your Own Leadership or Team Skill-Development Series*

When you partner with Productive Training Services; we help you to precisely target the skills needed most by your team. And you can always add more skill-building modules as needed.

Most leadership/management teams we have worked with find that four to six sessions are ideal for impressive results.

Our Most Requested Workshops/Course Modules to Select from:

  1. The Team Approach to Leading Others (For Executives and Managers)
  2. Win-Win Communication Skills (Helps communication & understanding) – Best Seller!
  3. Making Meetings More Effective (For better meeting results & follow-up)
  4. Conflict Prevention and Resolution (Skills for confronting assertively)
  5. Problem Solving and Action Planning Skills (Proven 5-step process for results)
  6. Great Attitude! How to Build/Maintain One (Impacts Work Ethic and Job Fulfillment)
  7. Time and Priority Management (Tools for Staying focused-on track)
  8. Winning with People & Other Styles (Recognizing and adapting to personality styles for maximum influence & outcomes)
  9. Effective Presentation Skills (2 or 3 day) (For Confident, Convincing Connections) – Highest Rated!
  10. Leading by Encouragement (Better leader-staff relations/results)
  11. Managing Stress: Make It Work for You (Physical, mental & environmental options)
  12. Organizational Teamwork (For better work relations/results) – Best Seller!
  13. Motivation Techniques for Managers and Supervisors (Helping others want to)
  14. Enhancing Performance Appraisals: (Tools for conducting better sessions)
  15. Effective Delegation & Follow-up Skills
  16. Effective Coaching Skills (Process and practice for helping others grow/improve)
  17. Managing Change (Ways to rethink, adapt & inspire during times of change)
  18. Quality Customer Service Skills (For customer confidence and loyalty)
  19. ‎Shaping Future Leaders (Equip new and future leaders with best practices and a leadership tool box) – Impressive Results!
  20. Professional Consultative Selling Skills (For stronger relationships and sales)
  21. Facilitation Skills Workshop (Group process training: helps workers interact)
  22. The Effective Interactive Trainer Workshop (TTT for Trainers or SMEs)
  23. The Spirit of Leadership Series (Supports Key Values and Inspiring Ethics) – New!
  24. Mastering Business Writing I and II (Improves written communication results)

*The majority of these interactive workshops are structured as hands-on full-day formats. We do provide half-day versions of some of these modules that can be used as refresher or reinforcement sessions with some executive teams. For the greatest impact and results we recommend 4- 8 of these modules conveniently linked together as a series that compliment or build upon each other. From our experience, allowing 3-5 weeks in between sessions is the most effective for practical application and behavior reinforcement.

Click here to download this complete list of proven modules to design your own series.

Strengthening leadership, team relationships and communication skills is our business. Our hands-on interactive approach gives leaders and teams more of the tools they need to succeed. It is proven training for building leadership and team performance. Call us today for a free consultation or outline on any of the listed topics. We can help you develop one of your greatest resources – your people. Please let us know if you would like additional information to help you or members of your decision-making team. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you and your organization.