Josh Schneider, Coaching and Team Development Speaker

Josh Schneider, Coaching and Team Development Speaker

Coaching and Team Development Speaker – Josh Schneider

Josh is an engaging conference speaker and interactive workshop leader.
He has been featured on Under30CEO and The CEO Hour talking about business and people performance with strategies for reaching the next level. From the stage Josh brings a passion that is contagious, an energy that’s undeniable, and innovative ideas that work in today’s new business climate.

From labor studies and engagement work with Sikorsky Aircraft, to working with the small business owner down the street Josh truly understands the future of the workforce and how to help engage you it.

From working in the trenches of a well-paid CPA firm, Josh learned first-hand the hard cost of employee disengagement and how Millennials work. Today he is passionate about coaching and working with organizations and individuals to increase performance, energy, and happiness.

Some of the outcomes Josh has delivered to help leaders include: 

  • Uncovering the connection culture has to performance
  • Deploying the “levers of cultural change”
  • Creating high-impact employee experience moments
  • Leveraging “supply depots” for ensuring long term cultural impact
  • Identifying barriers of creative, effective culture
  • Developing “Please and Thank You” moments

Josh lives in Southeast Michigan area with his wife and daughter.

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