Managing Stress: Making It Work for You

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This workshop is designed to provide you with effective methods for attaining greater control in your work and personal life. It can also assist you in maintaining your optimal stress and performance levels.


With an open mind and a willingness to participate you will learn how to:

  •  Understand the positive and negative effects of stress
  •  Identify major sources of stress at work and in your personal life as well as areas to control or let go
  •  Determine your early warning signs
  •  Identify how thoughts and beliefs affect your stress level
  •  Utilize positive self-talk and behavior control techniques
  •  Practice stress reduction techniques to help reduce anxiety and increase performance

The focus of this workshop is on the application of proven principles for managing your stress levels and allowing you to achieve a greater sense of balance and professionalism during your daily activities.

Your desire to grow and improve along with being open and honest with yourself will help you gain the most benefit from this program.

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