Productive Training Services was founded in 1988 by Joe Tabers, a man with a passion for the value and power of positive attitudes, good relationships and on-going professional development.  As an avid reader, goal setter and self-improvement advocate, Joe was motivated at a young age to study how adults learn best with a hands-on, interactive and engaging  approach to any skill-development area.  After seeking out and experiencing that helpful approach multiple times with his own development goals, it was then he became committed to bringing a hand-on, interactive learning approach to others; and Productive Training Services was born.

Fast forward since 1988 to 2017 the Productive Training team has helped  over 300 organizations and thousands of leaders and teams to be more effective with the majority from repeat and referral business. We would love to have an opportunity to do the same with your organization.

Today we are still a user-friendly (but more seasoned) training and development firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We work best with organizations that are serious about helping their leaders and teams improve skills for greater organizational effectiveness, better service and profitability.  Many of our clients are manufacturing, engineering and technology firms; however we also serve a variety of other organizations and clients when there is a good fit for our services.

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We specialize in building greater trust, communication and relationships.

Why Productive Training Services?

  • We care about people
  • We thrive on helping others to become their best
  • We promise to do a great job for your team – satisfaction guaranteed!
  • We have been in the talent development/performance improvement business for over 30 years
  • Over 90% of our customers hire us again for additional help or services
  • We love what we do and are passionate about making a positive difference
  • We have served organizations in almost all 50 states and four countries
  • We are easy to work with and we get results

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