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Better Team Communication Skills with Productive Training Services

Strengthening leaders and teams for greater success.

We love growth. We enjoy helping leaders and teams improve! That is what we do best for our clients. With our hands-on adult learning focus we know that learner engagement gets results. Let’s face it. No one (especially leaders) want to sit around listening to some boring lectures from a well-meaning instructor as they rattle off theory about what might work if they just believe it. Our proven interactive training and coaching approaches build leader and team skills, confidence and abilities that stem from our own passion for improvement.

For over 30 years Productive Training Services has proven time and time again that well designed interactive training helps build leadership effectiveness, teamwork and customer loyalty. With seasoned professional facilitators steeped in real-world experience you are assured of great reviews and results every time. Your people will NOT sit around in our workshops, they will be engaged!

We can help you with inspiring and practical hands-on, training and consulting services. We engage individuals by helping them to practice and model effective skills that support the principle of selfless service in three key areas:

  • Management to employees (leadership and communication skills)
  • Employee to employees (teamwork/team building skills)
  • Employees to clients (quality customer care skills)

Productive Training Services’ Values/Driving Forces

  • We value the relationships of all those we work with including employees, contractors and vendors.
  • We value our customers and view serving them as our sincere privilege.
  • We value education and continuous improvement for our team and individually because we realize that we serve better when we are growing and improving ourselves.
  • We value providing helpful skill-building experiences, solutions and ROI for our clients.
  • We value faith and trust in God as Creator and source of all that is good.

We specialize in providing interactive learning solutions and consultative coaching to assist your management team in developing or enhancing:

  • Clarity of vision and focus
  • Awareness of strengths and improvement needs
  • Identification of roadblocks/issues
  • Plans for improvement
  • Commitment, accountability and follow-through
  • Overall leadership

Our greatest strengths are helping organizations to

  • build greater employee trust, communication and relationships
  • refine management leadership, communication and coaching skills

for maximizing employee job satisfaction, productivity, and customer enthusiasm!

Please let us know if you would like additional information to help you or members of your decision-making team. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you and your organization.

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