Success Insights-DiSC Self Assessment, Detailed Report with Coaching Pkg.



Based on just 12 minutes of an individual’s responses to the Success Insights Style Analysis™ this instrument provides a valuable, personalized computer-generated report including:

  • Detailed Characteristics of Behavior Style and the Value to the Organization
  • Checklist for Communicating and Don’ts when Communicating preferences
  • Ideal Environment for Your Style
  • Self Perception and Perceptions of Others
  • Motivated Style
  • Keys to Motivating
  • Keys to Managing
  • Areas for Improvement
  • Action Planning Worksheets

Order a Self Assessment and Computer Generated Report for yourself, a team member or even a loved one and get growing. Includes a 40-minute professional coaching call along with your 22-page report.

What customers say: 

“Amazing! Dead-on! Incredibly accurate!” 

“I have taken a lot of assessments -but this one by far is the most helpful!”

“I learned more about myself and my natural strengths – extremely valuable.”

“This SI DiSC assessment can help any individual better understand relationship dynamics.”

“Well worth the price. You can apply action planing and areas for improvement now.”

More Productive Employees:

  • Proper guidance and direction often spell the difference between success and failure of a manager, supervisor or employee. Successful teams and organizations need helpful feedback.

A Complete System:

  • Computers have manuals – Why Not People? People are unique and can be managed, coached and supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness.
  • The Success Insights assessment is designed to assess an employee’s individual strengths and areas they can work on to enhance their interpersonal effectiveness. It can also assist managers and in developing an Action Plan for increasing employee productivity and overall team effectiveness.

Get the Right Information:

  • The goal of Success Insights is to create an environment for increased productivity and improved morale. This creates a win-win situation for both employees and managers. When people have accurate information about their strengths and weaknesses they can “self-manage” more effectively.
  • The on-line assessment process reflects a positive concern for both organizational productivity and the development of the individual.

Uses for the Success Insights Self-assessments include:

Leadership / Team Development Get each manager off to a fast start acknowledging their strengths and improvement needs. Build stronger management team relationships. Enhance team communications especially when combined with mgt. training or team development.

Revitalizing Present Employee Relationships Open the door for effective interpersonal communications between managers and workers or members of a team. An understanding of individual work styles can assist employees at all levels in working more productively together, and will revitalize the individual and the team.

Conflict Resolution Tools From time to time people will find themselves in conflict with fellow employees or others. Finding effective ways to resolve differences is much easier when you understand each other’s work style and communication preferences. The report will include some strategies for adapting to other styles and behavior preferences for greater rapport.

So what are you waiting for? Get Growing! Get a jump start today with greater self-knowledge and self-management.

Upon purchase you will receive an email with easy instructions for completing your on-line assessment.

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Specifications: 22 page PDF repoort