Win-Win Communication E-Course


In this course you will:

  • Reaffirm and build on your existing communication strengths
  • Explore barriers to avoid that break down communication
  • Increase your impact and clarity when communicating
  • Invite greater understanding and cooperation from others when communicating expectations or making a request
  • Confirm understanding with effective two-way communication
  • Review effective listening approaches to utilize and practice
  • Identify one or more ways to enhance your listening skills
  • Confirm one or two steps you will work on to become a more effective communicator


In our fast-paced, information overload world, communication often gets cut short and misunderstandings can occur. Look around any work environment and you will see how communication either helps or hinders projects and entire teams. Today more than ever, good communication skills are essential for successful projects and task completion in the workplace. This course explores practices that help improve communication, clarity, and understanding. You will gain proven strategies for making verbal requests, ensuring understanding and inviting better outcomes that help relationships and teams.