Senior Management Presentation Skills

Overview and Benefits

Help your senior managers or key people to increase their ability to make their point and boost their professional credibility. Participants will build additional connecting and persuading skills that get people to listen, and act on…what they have to say! They will gain many practical tips and tools through practice opportunities as well as a helpful workbook with reproducible worksheets that aid in future presentations.

Emphasis is placed on identifying and developing each leader’s natural communication style. It is highly interactive training that provides participants with hands-on opportunities to prepare and deliver effective and persuasive presentations. Our proven four-way feedback model (self, peer, video and instructor) accelerates learner awareness and skill-building results.

As a result of attending this two-day workshop, your managers will be able to gain more effective responses/results each time they speak to internal or external clients. Past participants have commented that this training has also helped their face-to-face communication and their leadership confidence in meetings as well.

This training is well suited for:

  • Executive team leaders/directors
  • Engineering team leaders
  • Research /Product team leaders
  • IT Staff leaders
  • CFO’s Financial/Data Specialists

Additional benefits of this training:

  • Sell ideas to management, subordinates, and peers
  • Promote/better showcase your organization or department’s capabilities
  • Sell your product/services
  • Obtain budget approvals
  • Make the case for a project
  • Gain greater confidence, respect and appreciation

Methods of Training:

This is a valuable, highly interactive workshop experience using several mediums of presentation including, but not limited to:

  • Engaging learning format: demonstrate, practice, feedback – repeat
  • Video recording of at least four individual presentations per participant
  • Multiple hands-on interactive practice opportunities
  • Small Group Activities
  • Individual Activities
  • Individual Assessments/Coaching
  • Personalized Action Plan

We tailor this training to your specific needs and experience level of your people. The number of participants is optimally 8-12.  Each participant will receive a high-quality participant’s manual, handouts, on-the-spot coaching, critique sheets and a personal videotape of 3-4 practice presentations for a use as a helpful reference and reinforcing tool.


With this interactive management presentation skills training, participants will be able to better organize and share their information or expertise in a more engaging and persuasive manner. This training is also designed to help managers connect better with audiences in a more clear and convincing manner.

As a result of attending this training, managers will have more of the tools they need to gain better responses/results whenever they speak to their team members, colleagues, customers or future prospects.

Training Objectives

  • Clarify individual goals with brief participant self-assessment distributed prior to training


  • Confirm delivery strengths and identify presentation areas needing improvement
  • Practice an easy-to-remember format for organizing content and avoiding data-dumps (helps save time and get key point(s) understood and remembered)
  • Implement techniques to personalize and connect with audiences
  • Practice presentations with helpful three-way, skill-building feedback
  • Practice connecting with audience needs and minimizing technical jargon
  • Discover methods to help minimize fear, control nervousness and build confidence
  • Identify ways to present a positive, engaging and assertive image


  • Practice body language and voice techniques to help convey points more effectively
  • Discover how to better utilize visuals to add greater impact and clarity to important content/key points
  • Learn how to use brief stories and analogies to make technical information familiar and relevant to listeners instead of “shoveling on” more and more dry data
  • Practice a proven process to sell ideas and persuade listeners to take action
  • Explore a proven process for Q & A and handling questions more smoothly, confidently and professionally

“This was the best training I have taken, not only the content, but the speaker as well!”
        – Marketing Representative 

“The most useful information available I have ever received at a seminar – and I have been to several seminars put on by Disney – Steven Covey – etc.  By far this was most informative and realistic info.”
      – Department Staff Manager 

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