Developing future leaders is smart business. Shaping future leaders training saves time, money and headaches.  High potential staff members need proven tools and guidance to grow, lead and succeed.

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Problems often occur when young supervisors or managers lack practical leadership knowledge and skills or when these skills get developed too late in their career. Developing young talent is necessary for any organization to thrive and survive.

Successful leadership practices should be taught early and this proactive program will cover the vital qualities for leading people just before or right after employees have been placed in a position with people are under their command or influence.  New leaders can learn how to help build greater team trust, respect and effectiveness with this training.


Newer leaders (6 months to 2 years) or up-and-coming managers, supervisors and team leaders who wish to strengthen their ability to lead or prepare to lead others more effectively. Group size: from 15 to 24 people.

Proven Program Learning Objectives:

  • Explore and exercise leadership habits that lead successful teams through project completion
  • Know the behavioral qualities which display professionalism and accountability as a leader
  • Learn to quickly build rapport with people. Leading through versatility: and adapting to others
  • Walk away with leader best practices and proven approaches
  • Practice effectively giving and receiving feedback and realistic expectations with staff members
  • Practice communication that sets a positive tone for interactions with your boss, your peers, subcontractors and vendors

Participant Benefits:

  • Greater leadership self-confidence
  • Proven templates for balancing task and relationship behaviors
  • Greater self-understanding and awareness of other’s behaviors
  • Behavioral strengths and improvement needs
  • Tools to invite greater understanding and cooperation from others
  • Methods for motivating and providing helpful feedback to others

Accountability & Measurement: 

This one-day workshop works best when combined within a leadership series or by scheduling meeting facilitation training to accelerate and reinforce application of behavior principles.

Program Delivery Includes: 

  • Interactive on-site workshop and useful reference workbook
  • In session Individual Leadership improvement plan
  • Helpful meeting assessments and group hands-on practice.
  • Executive summary of all participant feedback

Target Growth Areas:

  • Self awareness & self-management
  • Relationship improvement tools
  • Accountability and assertiveness
  • Flexible-leadership
  • Leadership communication tools

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
        – Warren G. Bennis 

“You can’t lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself.”
        – Gene Mauch, baseball coach 

“The highest qualities of character must be earned.”
        – Lyman Abbott, (1835–1922) US religious leader

When asked: “would you recommend this workshop to others?”  Out of the last 10 workshops we conducted,

100% of attendees said “YES”.

When asked to what did you gain from this? Participant comments included:

  • Effective leadership techniques.
  • The step-by-step outline for productive confrontations.
  • Self-assessment and feedback tools.
  • How to better myself in developing as a leader.
  • Formats on how to give feedback.
  • Excellent materials to refer back to and practice.
  • 1. What I Need to work on.
    2. Asking for feedback.
    3. How to approach people.
  • Importance of communication, accountability, trust and confidence
  • Tools to more effectively lead…and be a good listener.
  • The importance of taking appropriate time with employees and expressing interest in and appreciation for what they do.

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