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Well Trained Leaders and Teams Build Organizational Health

Everything we do at Productive Training Services is directed toward helping organizations improve workplace communication, relationships and trust. We do this primarily by working with your leaders and teams that have the greatest impact upon the overall organization.

Organizations that invest in cultivating strong, servant-minded leaders and teams consistently produce more constructive, healthy, workplace cultures. It should be no surprise then that these same organizations enjoy higher revenues, stock prices, employee morale and so much more. So the question is… do you want greater leadership and team cohesiveness to be part of your competitive advantage? If so, we should talk. (Read on or see below).

Let’s be candid: great leadership and team performance doesn’t just happen by luck. It is the result of practicing effective leadership and team behaviors and skills on a consistent basis.

These practices get demonstrated when leaders are united around a clear mission, and values along with an inspiring future vision.  When leaders are cohesive and clear about about what they are shooting for; accountability, teamwork and employee engagement are some of the natural results that begin to happen.

So whether your organization produces a product, provides a service or both; strengthening leaders and teams for success or greater success with good training or coaching is always a wise investment.

To initially check the vital signs of your organization…
Ask yourself these brief diagnostic questions:

1) What is the current level of trust within and between departments or business units at our organization?

2) How open and effective is the two-way communication throughout our organization?

3) How strong and committed are the relationships between leaders and team members at our organization? 

If you believe there is need for improvement, then we may be able to help you.

Are cohesive leadership and team skills really that important?

Successful companies depend upon their employees’ ability to communicate, get along with, influence, and effectively serve other people. If you are in a management or leadership role, then  you know these abilities need to be a top priority when hiring or training employees. No matter how good your products or services are, customers still need to connect with your employees in order to “buy” from you or refer others to work with you.

We believe organizations are at their best when people are at their best.

In other words . . . employee enthusiasm for their work and their company precedes customer enthusiasm for dealing with your company. Many organizations say “our people are our greatest assets.”   We work with organizations and leaders who are serious about helping their people improve.

We Assist Organizations in Strengthening
Their Leaders, Teams and Company Culture.

We will help your key people to develop more of the positive behaviors that support effective communication and strengthen relationships for the long-term. We do this by providing…

  • Organizational health company/department culture assessments
  • Helpful employee/team surveys
  • Behavior and motivators self-assessments
  • Multi-rater (360) leader improvement assessments
  • Interactive hands-on skill-building workshops
  • Professional executive/management coaching
  • Learning materials that have been proven to work in real-world work environments
  • Behavior reinforcement tools and multi-media for sustainability

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