Talent Development Tools

Your HR To-Do List Just Got a Little Easier

You have a lot on your plate. Put our experience serving over 300 organizations to work for you. Our talent development tools and services will help your employees… lead better, serve better, sell better or communicate better.

For several of our clients, using our talent development tools and services is a wise option. When tasked with researching management and team development needs; HR and business unit leaders often discover it can be time consuming and one more thing on their already busy to-do list…  We understand that. We have helped dozens of  HR professionals and leaders improve team performance and outcomes and project results.

So save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Put talent development experience serving over 300 organizations to work for you!

Some of the tools and areas of support we our clients with:

  • OCI Organizational Culture Inventory – Accredited Provider and administration service
  • Company-Wide (or department specific) Employee Input/Opinion Surveys
  • 360 Multi-rater management/supervisory candid perception and effectiveness surveys
  • Leadership and team training needs assessments
  • Design assistance for open enrollment programs or group-specific courses
  • Executive and management (skill-enhancement) coaching sessions
  • Skill improvement assessments with proven accuracy and amazing impact/results
  • Management leadership styles communication effectiveness
  • Job position/candidate matching – hire right – reduce turnover
  • Helpful focus groups with management, employees, or customers
  • Facilitation of executive and other off-site strategic and other planning

Quick Check the “Health” of Your Organization

We believe an organization is at its best;
when its people and their trust levels are at their best.

See Oganizational Health model or… 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the level of trust within our organization?
  2. Do people within our organization “buy-in” to our organizational vision?
  3. How strongly do employees believe/support our organization values?
  4. How well do our employees effectively communicate with each other and their management on a regular basis?

Alignment with Vision, Mission, and Values lay a foundation for cultivating a supportive, customer-focused environment.

This environment then (along with skilled employees effectively communicating) generates mutual respect and learning opportunities for continuous improvement and customer enthusiasm (see model below).

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