Team Development Series


With a minimum of two interactive modules paced 30-180 days apart, a team development series is an ideal way to help your teams to greater effectiveness!


It’s true… an organization is at its best when its people are at their best. After attracting and hiring good employees, team training can be your competitive advantage. So what have you done lately to help develop your team members? We have consistently discovered that Internal and external customer enthusiasm is essential for gaining employee and customer loyalty. Team high-performance is not based on luck but on shared effective practices and processes. So if you are looking to increase morale, motivation, cooperation and trust between your employees/team members take a closer look at this effective team training series. These proven training modules will help to bring out the best in your teams through self-management, communication and relationship-building skills.

What participants are saying:

These type of trainings should be expanded to all employees.”

“Presented in interesting way; very high quality.”

“Easy to understand, follow and practice – Very passionate/energetic.”

“As better team members we can make things function better.”

“I recommend this for any team that either wants to build stronger relationships or wants to enhance the dynamics of their team.”


productiveteammembersboxweb.jpg1. Productive Positive Attitude
(How to Build or Maintain One)
2. Organizational Teamwork
(How to Make it Work and Grow)
3. Win-Win Communication Skills
(For Better Relations and Results)
4. Effective Business Writing Skills
(Tools for Better Writing Outcomes)
5. Conflict Prevention, Utilization or Resolution
6. Personal Effectiveness: Goal, Priority
    and Stress Management   

7. Winning with People 
(Adapting to
    Personalities/Behavioral Styles)


Optional Skill-Building:



What we discovered several years ago is that one-shot programs have limited lasting impact. Stand-alone training often just increases awareness of principles and tools with little retention and application. While that type of training can be helpful, it often misses the mark for today’s organizations seeking long-term sustainable results from necessary or desired behavior changes. Today we deliver specifically what we know works best; well planned, communicated and executed, integrated workshop series that are intentionally spaced-apart to create application and practice time.

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