Technical Presentation Training

Technical Presentation Training

Help your technical staff or subject matter experts better connect with any audience! No more boring or snoring.

Your team will be better equipped to avoid data dumps and information overload!

Technical Presentation Skills Training by

Help your smart, talented people improve your product or service visibility and boost their professional credibility. We bring technical presentation training on-site to your workplace or virtually. Participants build greater confidence and poise, minimize nervousness… and get people to tune-in to what they have to say.  They will be able to make recommendations more clearly, concisely and convincingly to non-technical managers and decision-makers, as well as other technical professionals.

This technical presentation training emphasizes identifying and developing each participant’s natural communication style.

Our technical presentation training workshop is highly interactive and provides participants with hands-on opportunities to prepare and deliver effective and persuasive presentations. It is typically two-days and can be customized into different formats/versions depending upon your specific objectives and experience level of your people. The number of participants is optimally capped at 12.

Each participant will receive a high-quality participant’s manual, handouts, on-the-spot coaching, critique sheets and a digital video recording of at least four practice presentations for use as a helpful reference and reinforcing tool.

As a result of attending this two-day training, participants will be able to gain more effective results every time they speak to prospective clients, customers or colleagues.

Technical Presentation Skills Training helps in a big way!

Win bigger projects and proposals with technical presentation skills training.

This workshop is for:

  • Management/Supervisory Teams
  • Engineers/Engineering Teams
  • Researchers/Product Specialists
  • IT Staff/Computer Hardware/Software Specialists
  • CFO/COO and Financial/Data Specialists
  • Educators/HR Staff
  • Project Managers
  • Content Experts

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to avoid technical jargon and use words that connect with your audiences
  • Discover how to quickly create/use visuals that add greater impact and clarity
    to your important content/key points
  • Learn how to use stories and analogies to make technical information familiar
    and relevant
  • Learn a proven process to sell ideas and persuade listeners to take action
  • Discover delivery strengths and areas of improvement
  • Implement techniques to personalize and connect with audience
  • Learn how to avoid ‘shoveling it on’ by limiting dry and boring statistics
  • Practice presentations with three-way, skill-building feedback
  • Discover how to overcome fear and control nervousness – build confidence
  • Identify ways to present a positive, yet assertive image
  • Practice body language and voice techniques to help you convey your message
  • Learn tips for answering questions smoothly, confidently and appropriately

This workshop will help you or your people:

  • Sell ideas to management, subordinates, and peers
  • Promote your organization or group
  • Sell your product
  • Obtain budget approval
  • Make the case for a project
  • Build self-confidence
  • Gain respect and appreciation

This valuable, highly interactive workshop experience uses several mediums of presentation.

  • Demonstration
  • Interactive Presentation/Discussion
  • Video recording of individual presentations
  • Hands-on interactive practice
  • Immediate Audience Feedback
  • Small Group Interaction
  • Individual Assessments
  • Professional Coaching
  • Personalized Action Plan

Click here to check out our FREE tips to help you begin to improve your next technical presentation. You will gain many more practical tips and tools like these plus a helpful workbook with reproducible worksheets that will serve as a great reference for preparing future presentations.

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